Mother India

Happy Republic day fellow Indians! All though it says ‘day’ the patriotism should run beyond just these 24 hours every year in our lives. Our country with a rich past and a chaotic present has gone though a lot. Lost and won. Won against the invaders and lost against its own inhabitants. Inhabitants who choose selfishness over their origins. Inhabitants who chase dreams in far away places scorning the state of the country yet do nothing but watch it perish. One should travel, be a human being above being an Indian yet one should not forget the soil that raised him/her. Because being human includes gratefulness to the soil that gave you life too. The soil on which your mind aligns its memories. Don’t watch that soil erode as you become the audience. Change it. For a plant that forgets its soil, withers away.

Mother to a billion souls,

she caresses all with care

Her gentle hands, a symbolism of change

strokes many into a new beginning

With her words emerged

the divine Sanskrit, the expression of Gods

As she smiled, the sun shined bright

beguiled by her beauty

that unfurled across the seven seas

But in her eyes, could be seen,

an omniscience far beyond time

As she recalls everyday in her mind

a past of satisfaction and regret

With love, she aided

several souls for ages

But with anger, she destroyed

all those damnable sinners

Yet as a mother

she never leaves our side

In happiness or pain

she will always be our fane

She is Mother India,

the giver of life

In her heart I stay

In her heart I shall remain


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