Through the corner of our eyes

Hushed whispers,

little sound

Don’t let them hear

the words we write down

Though it seems wrong,

though it is wrong

Whatever maybe the judgement

of a tree that snatches water

from other trees to cater

its thirst for water

But unlike that tree

we give and take the water

A mutual agreement made

by a blink of our eyes

First, thumping beats of fear

Later, an hour to sneer

at the words we wrote

the words others quote

And then comes the beast

eyes piercing into the space

between us and the paper

like the woman in Tom and Jerry

her presence so eerie

Our eyes looking down

our ears listening

to the clink of her anklets

as she glides across the hall

like an eagle scouting for prey

At last! The end does come

the beast does lose

as I triumph my way out

as if I did see the woman in tom and Jerry

as if I did slit that eagle.



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  1. Just one word ‘wow’ and how beautifully you described it❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

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