PETRICHOR – The First Drop

Dark clouds in an otherwise clear sky like tears of happiness aligned themselves above me as I peeked out of the window of my room. I smiled. At last ! Its coming. A diamond studded sky; the ornament of nature, as giving as ever, reflecting every ray of light, all of which is transformed to the smiles of a million lives. As I lifted my eyes towards the shine, the first drop of the sky fell its way through itself. And thus arrived – ‘The Rain’. My harbinger of happiness. No words can be uttered to describe the cause of my smile. A shiver goes through me during the supernatural connection between me and the rain. But wait! The beauty of its arrival has just begun. For now, I bent my head towards the scent of heaven. The fragrance of the divine emerged as heaven touched the earth. As each drop descended over the throne of our souls – ‘The Soil’, every grain calmed in its divinity. And in this tranquility; the fruit of calmness, the perfume of my soul, the scent of the Earth – ‘Petrichor’ was shared to our despaired souls.

Petrichor – The fruit of two contrasting Greek words:

Petra – Rock                                                                     Ichor – The blood of Gods

The scent of the origin (Petra) and the divine (Ichor). More than it pleases my senses, it pleases my soul. The earthiness of it, the fact of knowing that this scent has lived a million years and yet has never lost its magic. I believe it to be an hint to the secret potion that caused me, that caused everything. Just a scent, but feels more than just a scent. The gift of gods that awakens the god in me. And thus I breathe. I breathe in the scent of the communion of heaven and earth. I breathe in myself.And in this moment, just like how the first drop of the sky fell its way through itself, I fell my way through myself.



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  1. Exquisitely written! 👌💕 Your love for the rain is evident from the way you make the word “petrichor” seem more fascinating than it could ever be defined in the dictionary!

    I loved this post, you’ve poured your heart into these words, beautifully poetic! 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bahut badiya!
    Kitne acchi se likhi hai.
    Bhaari bhaarish ji!
    Avinamdar apse pyaar karta hai ❤


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