A Story Retold

Once upon a time

a world, there was

beautiful at its core

but an ugly shield it eventually wore

A creature came upon

this beautiful core

far too new

to be of use

but it learnt,

as the years passed,

the ways of the core

a fascination of allure

A lot more came,

only this time,

far too old

now a constant bore

Yet the core did endure

as they roamed among

in the name of lore

an ugly shield on the beautiful core

A shield of gore

on a once beautiful core

remained to adore

a lot more to lure

An unending bore

now the core couldn’t endure

as it turned sore

the core did roar

A roar of end

End to the gore

End to the sore

End to the unending bore

As it came,

it swallowed time

and all that was

became all that is

Once upon at time.



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  1. Thanks for following Meenas Poems.
    I read few of your poems. They are good.
    Writing is a passion.
    The more you write the better would be your style.
    All the best.


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