Third Day in Sri Lanka- Counting Stars

We had our breakfast and were all ready to check out off the turquoise coloured hotel. It was our day to travel to a hotel called Harrington Heritage in Hatton. It was located right in the middle of a Tea estate, a perfect point for breathtaking views. It was almost afternoon when we rode on the narrow elevated paths and were in for a delicious lunch after playing a tense game of carrom. I realised me and my dad aren’t very good partners. I can’t take orders and he can’t stop giving orders. Well, atleast the food consoled us. We had the entire day just to rest because my dad said so; also because it would take a lot of time to travel to and fro from any of the local attractions. I watched a movie and then sat in the balcony overlooking the hills and trees. I sat there a while. I sat there when the clouds shifted and little black dots flew from left to right. I sat there when three girls walked on the narrow paths down, their colourful skirts swaying with the wind. I sat there until I was at peace. And I still sat there to remain at peace. It didn’t last long before I came back to reality. But life had more clarity after that trance. Life always becomes more simple to me every time I am one amongst the natural splendor. When the skies turned black, I watched my parents take pictures of each other with a dog named brownie. My mom really loved that dog. I then watched the stars and the constellations. I tried to count them and count them in the cold dark evening and somewhere along the way I became younger. younger and happier.


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