Second Day in Sri Lanka – Part 2 – Take a Walk

We had lunch at a restaurant called ‘World Spice’, which was located in Kandy’s City centre ( basically a mall). Being from Bangalore which is full of malls, I did quite like the vibe of this mall. There were shops even on the terrace. It was mostly filled with young people and I noticed that they tend to wear dresses or jeans more instead of skirts. Maybe I’m wrong. Coming back to the food, I didn’t see much of a difference between Indian and Sri lankan food except for the fact that the latter tends to be spicier. Their chicken is relatively harder and their idiyappams (string hoppers) relatively thinner. They have a roti called pol roti which is tiny and thick. I noticed that most Sri Lankans eat very healthy, a lot of fruits and veggies and wouldn’t mind eating rice three times a day. Once done with munching down our food, we headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens. I’d like to let you know that the entrance ticket for foreigners was really costly, 800 per person but I mean in India too we do the same money minting from foreigners. Anyway we walked and walked and walked and my dad also slept saying that it feels amazing to sleep on grass. So that’s what we did. We saw the herbs and my dad slept. There were so many different kinds of plants showcased but we wasted a lot of time in walking and sleeping. Anyway as long as my dad got to take all the pictures of me and my bro that he wanted to, he didn’t crib. We rushed back since it was closing time and went back to our hotel exhausted from all the walking and sleeping (for my dad).

(By the way, the hotel’s name is ‘Clock inn’, I really liked my hotel mostly because it was painted turquoise and was tiny and cute).

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