Sun Set

When the sky turns orange and the sun is just above the waves of the ocean. The world seems to move faster and slower at the same time. You can hear the birds fly away to their nests. The kids laughing as they play football. The wedding couples who waited the entire day for this scenic background. And you can see the sun move ever so fast. Ever so beautifully. That I wouldn’t want to turn any other away even for a second in the fear that I might miss it whole. A ship sliding past the waves. Eventually holding the entire sun. The moon now just a shimmer in the sky’s ocean. The orange spreading its wings over the horizon. And slowly the ocean cuts the sun. Ever so fast. Ever so slow. That you almost can see the reflection of the other half on the waters. And when it is finally just a speck you can still feel it’s presence. Just there. Gone in a blink. And when you look up. to the moon that is now more than just a shimmer. you know that the sun is really gone.

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