Second Day in Sri Lanka – Part 1- Sri Lanka is slightly mallu (or vice versa)

Sri Lanka resembles Kerala in many ways. The greenery. Slanted roofs and coconut trees. People here eat appam and idiyappam too which are all mallu dishes. There are probably significant historical ties between Kerala and Sri Lanka. Well my fam was quite happy about it. It was the day to visit the Tooth Relic Temple. There was a long queue of woman wearing all white carrying flowers in their hands. As the name suggests, it houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha in a golden casket. The queue was quite long because the schools were closed. Funnily, we went in the line that was only meant for the locals (which we were unaware about at the time) and probably got a better view of the casket. It was all shiny and glistening in gold. Later we visited the World Buddhist museum that showcased the history of how Buddhism spread in different countries. I also read lines from Buddhist texts and thought to myself how a country that follows Buddhism with such fervor was capable of a history blotted with violence. One of the lines was, ‘Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule’. What a beautiful line. I do not understand how one fights for his/her religion performing actions that are against the religion’s preachings. As the thought lingered, we stepped out to visit the Kandy lake just a few steps away. Oh, I had a wonderfull time heree. I watched a crocodile kiddie bite it’s way through a fish. A crane gave me company to watch this scene. Later I realised the crane was watching only to eat the leftover once the crocodile was finished. I could watch nature do it’s things all day and I’d never get bored. There were these little swans swimming away tapping their feet against the water. Birds flapping their wings and flying just an inch above the water. Colourful birds flying past like little coloured dots. Everyone were moving about in search for their lunch and so did I, climb into the car and whisk past the lake to catch my prey.

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