First Day in Sri Lanka – Elephants and Skirts

I saw us slowly descend onto this beautiful land surrounded by the sea amongst murmurs of Ram and Ramayan. It was almost afternoon when we reached the Colombo airport. But that was not our destination. Our first stop was at Kandy, a small but happening town in Sri Lanka. Since our air travel was only for around 1 hour, we didn’t feel all that tired and decided to begin with our sightseeing. We went to Pinnawala elephant orphanage and watched these really cute elephants have the bath of their day. I do not know what goes on in an elephant’s mind. What do they really think of human beings. Being tamed by someone smaller than them. Well all my dad could think about was how bigger their forehead was than indian elephants. Most of them didn’t have tusks. One was rolling in the water. Probably a kiddie. They’re always the happiest in every species. We also saw items made out of elephant poo. My dad walked all through the store searching for something he could put in a showcase. Useful things made out of poo wasn’t really his thing. At the end, he found a showcase elephant made out of it’s own poo. I can’t even count the number of such elephants you already have in mallu households. But it made him happy. Darkness had almost set in when we left the elephants, so we decided to go back to our room. More than the elephants, what I found most interesting was the women of srilanka, all of them wore these really cute skirts swaying just below their knees, whether they were old or young. I would really love to live in a country where all the women wore skirts. There’s just something very lively about it. But I also couldn’t stop thinking about whether they cared about the hair on their legs like the urban women of india. Whether they did or didn’t, it didn’t make them any less beautiful in those skirts in a country skirted by the sea.

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