The tree on your border

I stand here
on your land
not on the earth you claim
but the little piece of it that you tame

You planted me with love
knowing of my ability to grow
yet when I rose
it was me that you cursed

My leaves flutter
with the wind I obstacle
My branches spreading
wider than your cubicle

But what use is my height
about which your neighbour fights
that my dead leaves fall on his land
and my fruits on yours

For I’m your tree on your border
but a tree on his border

And now the dead leaves you fight about
have come to wanting me dead
as you will slay me tomorrow
in gratitude for the fruits you borrowed

      But I will remain tomorrow
in your soil and his
as roots in your ground
that have spread underground
in grains of our soil
unbound beneath your walls



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  1. Very nice. Touched by words and it’s rhythm .

    Liked by 1 person

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