A narrow love towards Love

What is love? An overrated emotion or a universal symbol of acceptance? If the former is true, would you still not indulge in its sweetness or are there beings that have the strength to walk away from such magic? And yet again is the love we speak with such flamboyance, the love you and I feel for ourselves or for our family or for our significant others or for the world? Or is love far too elaborate for our meagre minds?

With an exception of mother’s day, father’s day and all other such days dedicated to different forms of love ( except valentines day), love in the world today has become synonymous to romantic affection. Whether it is the short poem titled ‘Love’ or a whole FB page dedicated to love (usually broken love which is more annoying as once you read it, it feels as if you yourself shouldn’t be so satisfied with your ongoing relationship), it seems as though there could be nothing more profound or magical than romantic love. By writing so, I don’t mean to belittle the magic romantic love possesses. As to love someone and to want to live with them for the latter part of your life is as beautiful as loving someone and living with them for the former part of your life. But to unreasonably uplift its beauty over all other equally beautiful types of love seems far too absurd to me. For love in its essence involves all and is all. Whether it is the tenderness in your mother’s lap or the protection you get when your father holds you or the punch your brother gives ever so lovingly or the stories your grandparents recite to keep you entertained or the punishment the teacher gives you or the support your friend gives you or the stranger who helps you or the caring touch of your significant other. In each, there lies a love, a love so beautiful, so beautiful that nothing, nothing in this world can surpass it, not even each other.





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  1. Good Pavithra.. 😇👍

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