‘I am a Woman’

Happy Women’s day!

This is the very first poem I wrote. Although I have posted it elsewhere it still remains very close to my heart since it marked the beginning to every letter I pen down today.

When I had written this poem, the first person I had shown it to was my mom and the little jump in my heart when she enjoyed my lines is something I will safeguard in my mind. She nodded her head when the last lines of the second stanza arrived for it was something that portrayed her fears. But at the end of the poem she asked me this and I’m pretty sure all of you are too, ‘Why didn’t you talk about a woman who succeeded in her career and just ended off with motherhood?’. I told her then and I will tell now, ‘What differentiates a man from a woman is the very fact that the kind of relationship and tenderness a mother has with her child is different from that of a father with the child. When I’m in pain I will lay down on my mother’s lap as she wipes away every little pain with her calming hand. Yes, a woman can succeed in her career too but so can a man. Since the fundamental significance of the poem is to talk about a woman and the little bonuses she received from God, I found it rather appropriate to mention the power that lies in the hands of a mother. The power to carve human beings into a sculpture that will carve innumerous others.

She was born on a stormy night
with a smile longer than the Nile
But mourned, they did
for she was a girl

She grew up to be a lady
in a world of the shady
Asked, she did
‘Mother, can I go for a movie?’
‘No’ screamed her mother
‘Why’ she cried
‘Not all men are like your father’
was the reply

She left her home
with a bag and a letter
For a job far away
with a dream to become

Joyous, was the day
Scary, was the night
walking down the streets
with little light

Tears fell every night
as she screamed at God
‘Why did you make me a woman?’
but she never did get a reply

Realised, she did
when she became a mother
For in her hands was the power
to change the world

Asked, her daughter did
‘Mother, am I special?’
‘Yes, my dear’
‘For, you are a woman
and so am I’



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  1. This is absolutely amazing! Just like everything else you’ve written ❀

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  2. women is actual power of men


  3. I loved it! Each word of it😊

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  4. Shilpa sudheer May 31, 2017 — 4:41 pm


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  5. Simple and Superb. Keep writing wonderful poems like this.

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