The glass window

A glass window there was

shining under the blazing sun

showing things

that were crystal clean


How happy everyone seemed

to have such a window

to see things

they couldn’t ever see


But no happiness lasts long

for the glowing glass

now had a crack

blooming across

like a flower in spring


All who had admired

now desired for some other

as they shunned the glass

that had once been crystal clean


A cracked window

now let sunlight

caress its broken soul

with the warmth of love


Still blooming

at last the glass shattered

into uncountable little pieces

like stars of the earth

that glistened under the light

The glassless window now

bathed by the light of love


The once famous theatre

now the famous theatre yet again

made everyone admire

and admire for all that it became


Such is the story of a window

Such is the story of you





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