Mystery -The light in the dark or the dark in the light. When seen, some of us reach out to its solution. We do anything to solve it, to find the cause of its magnificence. We reach out to the light searching for an end to discover where it began. But, others of us, when we see mysteries, we admire long on its magnificence and reach out to the light to feel its warmth on our skin as it sends a shiver of wonder combined with a mysterious happiness up our body and soul. We don’t try to find the reason behind the existence of such magnificence. We feel. We let every part of it drench our soul until the mystery is solved in our heart with no solution. We don’t reach out to search for its cause because we know that it will no more be magnificent when it has a solution. Instead we reach out to it to make it our cause of fulfillment. As it enters every pore of our heart, it fulfils everything. It solves everything, fulfilling the need of the mind and it remains with no solution fulfilling the need of the heart as the magnificence remains. Yet, either way; none is wrong, none is right. Such is the mystery of us.


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