Where will you go?

Earth, a planet that gives life, a planet that lets us thrive and be everything we want to be. Yet in its humility, we take advantage; in its kindness, we take advantage and take its life letting it die a slow painful death. What do we get ? An instantaneous happiness? or an eventual death? Where will we go when we reach the end of our own creative destruction?


Where will you go?

When everything you know fades away

What will you be?

When your heart is nothing but stone

What will you do?

When your actions become a medium of pain

What will you breathe?

When the air disappears between the gritting teeth of your greed

What will you say?

When your throat is choked with the dust of your mind

Who will you love?

When all others die in the shadows of your reign

Where will you lie?

When the ground competes with the hell within you

Oh! You ‘intelligent’ species

Where will you go?

When the world is a nightmare come real.



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  1. Wow!šŸ’•
    I love this.

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  2. Omgggggg!!!!!…….. This is soooo goooood baaaaabe!!!! šŸ˜±šŸ˜±šŸ˜±

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  3. Wow this is amazing ā¤ā¤ and this is from my side

    ” Where do you think you’ll go heaven or hell ?”
    “I’ve visited both”, I replied, “in the people I loved”.

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