The Lake of magnificence

A ritual there was

Everyday from morning to night

to bow down upon a lake

a lake of magnificence

Everyday they came

to pay their respects

as they searched deep

into the magnificent lake

A reflection they got

a reflection they were

Each day the same

Each man the same

But they never did change

For they never did know

that they were the same

the same reflection of perfection

Yet one day

the magnificent lake

was no more magnificent

for now the reflection

was no longer the same

But the ritual did happen

and as they bowed

they did see the reflection

the reflection within

The reflection within the same

was not the same

for it showed a difference

a difference in perfection

In a rage with the truth

they punched at their reflection

Only to realise

that they had to leave

for the reflection to die

And thus laid the magnificent lake

unhindered by their reflection

Only to reflect the magnificent sky

in all its resplendence

But the reflection never died

in the minds of the people

as they continued the ritual

with hope and regret

For the lake never did

reflect them again.


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