Look around you

for once, see something new.

Maybe that sky

for once, might look a little blue.

Or that leaf

for once, might glitter with dew.

For all you know,

Everyone would have thought they knew

that the sky was blue

and the leaf glittered with dew.

They knew, that’s what they knew.

‘I know that, I know this

has always been their way.

‘I feel’- has never been their say.

To feel the sky

To feel that blue

To feel the leaf

To feel that dew

is something they will never know.

To feel, is a beautiful thing

One that they will never know

‘Cuz all they say

is  ‘ I know how to feel’.



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  1. A beautiful one Pavithra. It has happened to me at times. Only when I feel it I realize oh…..this has been always there, how it’s only today that I am able to admire it’s beauty!!

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  2. I think you beautifully touched on the truth that all things start from feeling.

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  3. How can we connect with each other buddy.? I had quite a few questions…. Any number or email id ?


  4. BEAUTIFUL FEELING….I nominated you for the 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge and continue with touching those with your writing, thank you! Check out my blog to get the details!

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  5. theaestheteartist October 26, 2016 — 3:15 pm

    Damn dude :”) this is amazing

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