Childhood is the best stage of human life, the simplicity of its unknowing arrival and being yet the complexity of its heart breaking departure. The laughs, the cries, the frolicking through life that we would later begin to criticise. But you know what’s the best part?! We don’t even realize that we won’t get another stage in life like this until it begins to fade away. Childhood which is synonymous to school days for most, from then forever becomes a dream, a dream we sometimes regret as we are dissatisfied with our past innocence about its importance but its a dream nevertheless. A dream so fulfilling yet so regretful, a dream so happy yet sad and alas! a dream that occurred and never will again but will remain a beautiful dream nonetheless…

Memories we are

living for each other

in a world of another,

another and another.

Words or actions

a smile or a tear

that linger to remember

in a future of forever

That hurt, that pain

a clamour in vain

For anear was the gain

of a smile for the tear

A friend, a sister

a student, a lover

we made out of each other

a sign of our together

So now forever

reminders we are

of memories to treasure

of memories to remember.


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