On a crowded path

A crowded path. Faces all around. Each one, an expression of hope for a better day. Just like mine. Alas! How similar we are yet so distant. As we walk past each other without a single glance at the other. I wonder how it was back then when the entire human kind was one family. How eager we would have been to even find another human being. And how ironically different it is today. But I was one of the present and like everyone else in that path, I too trusted no one. So much distrust amongst us that we wouldn’t even glance at each other. So close we were in that path yet so distant in our minds. As I wiggled my way through, for the first time I could see the shine from those sweet eyes that glittered in the morning sun as they looked at me. But I only saw the eyes for there were heads with minds that looked far into the future to only obstruct the present as they obstructed my view. I was on my heels as I pushed my way through the blind crowd. As my eyes grew closer and closer to those glittering eyes, my heart jumped higher and higher into the depths of eagerness. I was near. Just one more obstructing head to go and there I would be able to see that person who glanced and gave me hope in human kind. Right there. My heart thumped louder and louder. As I shoved the head aside, I could see. I could see a reflection.



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  1. Such a beautiful write up! Our world is centered around “I”. We hardly look up to others with trust or love.

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