A Sky without stars (Poetic version)

A million stars you saw

in a sky so dark and wow

while you lay upon the grass

your eyes opening at last

Oh! Your mom did show

the beauty they bestowed

as you counted them all

with a finger so small

With time, your finger grew long

but shortened did your time

For now there was none to see

a sky full of stars

Slowly but steadily

star by star

they came down to some

that forgave you after all

Hidden they were

beneath a smoke of lust and greed

concealed from the eyes

that seek them no more

Not a finger did raise

towards a sky without stars

amongst humans that desired

for things that did not last

A race for something

something they called happiness

but I called them stars

the stars in my soul

But one day you will ask

when you breathe your last

Aren’t we all,

a sky without stars after all?



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