A Deception Within

Light, light where are you ?

Up in the sky above

or deep down in the heart of the soul?

Everyday your memories are washed ashore my eyes

The brilliance of my past with you beckons me now to search for you

Oh light! I miss you more now as the darkness doesn’t miss me anymore

My scream for life in this blinding cry for you is heard no more like when I was with you

Your tears are now my pangs of fear

As I run in this chaos for you without you

A mere machine now, I have become, running on the image of your enlightening shine

Light, light, please forgive this dying soul for the coldness of my heart that stripped your warmth from you

Take me back to what we were

Take me back to my happiness

Unleash me from the shadows of your sadness

Let me find you

Let me live once again



Alas my dear! I forgave you long ago

for no happiness is ever merciless

Yet I cannot return to what I was with you

Caged in your heart I am

Caged by you, for, you like every other life could not bear the harsh truth of your own soul

the reason to this universe of sadness between our shines

Oh my dear, my dear ! I wish at least you could accept what others never did regret

But alas! I wonder whether you listen to your heart anymore

Nevertheless I ask with a hope to return

Unleash me from this cage within your soul

Let me find you

Let me come to you

Let me live once again too





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