Hug of Remembrance

A poem I wrote when I lost someone invisibly close to my heart for the first time in my life. Someone I took for granted. Someone who loved me all my life. I regret now. I regret not having realised. I regret having acted busy whenever he called. I regret not having given time before time took him away. I regret. But I still remember, I remember those few seconds, just few seconds that I had stayed with him. He was so weak then, so tired to fight the bad fate that came upon only the good. He signalled me across the bed, the place that gave him more love than I ever could. As I shifted beside him, I realised that the person next to me was nothing like the man he once was. Then, just a body of bones protruding with a shelter of skin residing in itself a soul slowly fading. I wasn’t aware then as clueless I always was that those were the few seconds that would consume hours of my life. As he opened his weak arms out for me with all that what was left with him to give a hug… A hug of Remembrance…

As they found pleasure 

with all those they called similar

They blinded themselves 

Of all those invisible souls 


Invisible souls they were 

Watching over with love and care

Not minding the unintended incapability 

Of their daughter’s lively souls


They smiled every time

Their daughter’s souls giggled 

With a notorious innocence

A rare sight then 


Inevitably, as heaven lit it’s way

For those invisibly fading souls

Their daughter’s blooming souls

Mourned with visible regret 


But before the invisible bade goodbye 

They had a present 

Their daughter’s souls could not forget 

A present in return 

To a love hardly given 


And yet again 

Another life ended 

Like every other 

With a hug of remembrance 

For the lives filled with regret.



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