The Cycle of Regret

Sometimes in life you will come across people who love you a lot and sometimes people who rather than hate hurt you a lot. But remember always that either way, both of them are essential in your life. Both are integral in the working of life. Yet there is a similarity in the personal issues of human lives – Regret. People who give to you boundless love, you will take for granted. People who hurt you boundlessly, you will give importance. A combination of both is a common sight and the most obvious result is regret. Regret of  having given the ones who hurt you more time than the ones who love you. Yes, the ones who hurt you boundlessly are usually the ones you love boundlessly.

If you perceive carefully, you will find that it is in fact a cycle. You love others a lot, some take you for granted and hurt you; whilst you give them time you hurt others who love you a lot. Thus, it’s a cycle of regret. And we have yet not learnt from lives that have lived the same way as we continue this unintended tradition. Give time to the ones who love you, who care for you. They deserve it more than the ones who take you for granted and hurt you. Give time to the ones who hurt you too, forgiveness is goodness but remember you are human, they are human. Don’t be the puppy to their actions always. They hurt you more and more ? Let them go. You are no ocean to hold water that flows. Find solace in love. Don’t hate. Once you stop hurting others, others will stop hurting you.

We all revolve around the same sun of regret. Let’s change it to love. Love. Love. Love.


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