Theme : Sometimes at some point we forget to look for happiness. We sometimes unintentionally look for the negative side of everything and since we look for negativity we usually get negativity. And sometimes some of us look for the love and sympathy a broken mind and story could get and thus every time we look for the bad side, the side that never leads to joy. At these times is when we start questioning ourselves…

An eventful one

Not too glum

or too mum

was your eyes to me

As I looked

far beyond

the humble pretence between

a pretentiousness of thee

How easy it is to repeat

a shattered story

breaking thy self

for a shattered story you need

Neither you or I

have been keen to be

Happy as ever be

in the gifted life of we

For we yearn the love

a shattered story will leave

an ocean of pity

for the broken pieces of reef

so  look at me and speak

the truth within thy eyes

that beget those lies

You speak to me

‘Oh, my love

I’m sorry to not be

belittled by thee ‘ said she

at behest of me

For in the shadows of thy eyes

I see in you me


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